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The Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours


Imagine walking through a tourist site, making safety and maintenance checks or inspecting your construction project, all from the comfort of your own home. Technology has made this possible through the invention of 3-D virtual tours. We at Gh Property Tours have noticed that not everyone has the time to check on things they want to buy, places they want to be or constructions they are funding in person. Moreover, with more and more people making decisions based on what they see on the internet, many businesses have found the need to invest in digital marketing.

This article aims to inform you of the ways that 360º virtual tours can make life easier for both consumers and producers. First, though, how do virtual tours work? Images of the area you want to tour are taken with a high powered camera to provide as much detail as possible. It could be either a special 360º camera or even a mobile phone, provided the camera is powerful enough. After the pictures are taken, they are enhanced and run through software that provides details in writing, adds navigation panels or even audio to the 3D tour. 

Now then, how can this technology help both producers and consumers and in what areas?

Business Promotions

In the past, companies used traditional marketing tools to promote their products and services. However, because of this new era of digital marketing, the old ways are no longer useful. These days, consumers are more focused on internet-based advertisements. Thankfully, this switch to digital marketing provided a more convenient means for companies to convey their messages effectively and efficiently. Still, the fact that it is convenient does not mean there is little or no competition. Sadly, it is quite the opposite. In a choked market with so much competition, what is the best way to stand out? 

By making a 3D virtual tour of your establishment, you make your company stand out from the rest. You also draw more attention to the goods and services you offer, which goes a long way in improving company revenue both in the long and long term. 3D virtual tours allow your customers to walk through your establishment with their mobile phones, tablets or laptops from the comfort of their own homes. Thus, a 3D virtual tour enables you, the marketer, to allow your customers to get a good clarity of your business’s ambience, the interior of that particular business, as well as products and services available.

3D virtual tours are easy to use and can hold as much detail as you want them to. You can add notes about specific areas, audio and even internet links to the virtual tour. Allowing this much detail and clarity in your advertising makes it easier for consumers to make their choice when searching for services related to your business. Hotels, real estate developers, car dealerships, schools, gyms and restaurants are just a few of the many industries that could profit greatly from this marketing strategy.

Construction Progress Tracking

Lately, the need for new infrastructure is at an all-time high. Additionally, these buildings have become more complex than ever before, making the information that comes with building them a lot to handle. A person who already has very little time to spare cannot possibly make time to visit the construction site or handle the mountain of information sent from said site. 

Another problem that comes with building in Ghana is accountability and transparency. Especially for diasporans, finding trustworthy people to handle construction projects for them here in Ghana is another problem on its own. There have been many cases of fraud and deception, where people entrusted to build homes or commercial buildings embezzled funds meant for the project and sent false information to the project investors.

These issues created the need for an easy, convenient way to track one’s construction projects, and one of these ways is the 3D virtual tour. With this technology, check your building’s progress and make sure it is consistent with the money you are paying from the comfort of your own home. Through 360º imaging, the 3D virtual tour allows you to inspect your construction project as if you were walking through the place in person. It is easy to use, fast, secure and convenient. Finally, with a third party like Gh Property Tours providing you with these virtual tours and reports on your construction project, you will be given the accountability and transparency you need.

Maintenance and Safety Checks

3D virtual tours also provide a safe way to make safety and maintenance checks in rather dangerous areas. Factories, electric power plants and water and sewage treatment facilities all have one thing in common. All these places have very powerful machinery and rather unsafe areas where very few people are allowed access. Because of this, making safety and maintenance checks is risky. Even more so because maintenance and safety officers need to make more than one visit to these dangerous areas to gather data. The information gained determines whether everything is running smoothly or highlights red flags that need immediate attention.

Given how risky this job is, I.T experts introduced the use of 3D virtual tours to make safety and maintenance officers’ jobs safer, easier and more streamlined. Due to the introduction of 3D virtual tours, staff no longer have to make frequent visits to hazardous areas to gather data. Instead, they can make just a single trip, take 360º images and create a virtual tour of that zone. It also allows you to see a lot more detail you might have missed in person, make notes where needed or even add audio reciting data found from that region.


From primary schools to universities, field trips are an effective working method to help students make deeper level connections to subjects than books and lectures alone. Through field trips, students understand abstract concepts. However, making field trips accessible to a large number of students can be challenging due to limited organizational and financial resources. In cases where students have to fund their field trips with school supervision, quite a number have missed out on the learning experience due to limited financial resources, 

Nevertheless, an effective substitute for field trips could be a virtual tour. A virtual tour of a place the school might have gone on a field trip can be re-used, altered to specific needs, seen at the student’s own pace or accessible at any time and place, providing a flexible learning experience. The audio, details, and even video inserted in a virtual tour makes it an immersive and fun learning experience for students. Furthermore, the school’s faculty saves money, as do the students, and all can benefit from the learning experience the 360º virtual tour provides


As we have already established, these are all areas where one can use 3D virtual tours effectively, advertising a business, providing accountability, making jobs safer and finally, for educational purposes. These are just a few of the many applications of  360º virtual tours. Here at Gh Property tours, we provide you with all these services in a fast, secure and simple way.

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