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How Adopting Construction Progress Tracking & Reporting in Ghana Can Help Bring Light to Construction Projects.


Globally, the demand for new infrastructure is at an all-time high. In Ghana, the situation is no different. As our population in this country grows, the need for homes, office spaces, hospitals, schools and commercial buildings also increases. However, as the scales of such projects continue to get bigger, effectively tracking them has become a problem. 

The Diaspora Headache

Another problem that comes with funding construction projects here in Ghana, especially for diasporans, is accountability. These days, finding trustworthy and honest people to handle such projects with transparency has become a headache for those in the diaspora. However, through technological advancements, we have found a solution to this problem. Through construction progress tracking, you can inspect your projects and make sure what you proposed is consistent with the money you are paying.

Why The Need For Construction Progress Tracking in Ghana?

A construction project typically involves a large amount of information of various types. This is because different parties carry out independent tasks to complete a project. As the one funding your building project, you have to ensure that this information is communicated clearly to you and all the various stakeholders. This information must be translated into ways that the different parties on-site can use to fulfil their tasks, such as drawings, contracts, specifications, building codes, etc. 

Moreover, you must be kept up to date on all the building’s progress, from the smallest pebble to the largest wall, which is a lot of data to compile and process. However, for the sake of accountability and honesty, you must receive all this information, so that you know you are getting your money’s worth.

To elaborate, here are a few reasons a typical, manual construction progress tracking process is not the best option. First, the accuracy of the data recorded depends on the judgement and the writing skills of the one recording it. For most cases here in Ghana, the morality of said person also plays a factor, as they can manipulate the reports or take a different project’s pictures to deceive the project investors. Second, too much time is taken recording and sending construction data to the project investors and vice versa.

 Much time that could have been spent on the actual construction to finish the project on time is wasted on just recording and analyzing site data. Usually, as a working person here in Ghana and especially abroad, time is of the essence. Thus, the last thing any working person with little time on their hands wants to do is waste said time reviewing lengthy building reports which may even be doctored. Subsequently, many important things are overlooked on both sides and irreversible mistakes can be made.

With the use of drones and 360º virtual tours, we at Ghana Property Tours provide you, the project investor with well detailed and easy to use progress reports which take less time to compile and send, are easy to understand and provide you with the transparency you need to make sure that all your plans are going accordingly.

How Construction Progress Tracking Can be Deployed For Your Projects in Ghana

Many forms of technology have been melded into construction progress tracking and reporting. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), barcode scanning, 360º virtual tours and drone technology, are a few of the various methods incorporated into construction progress tracking and reporting. While these are all efficient, we will be focusing on drone technology and 360º imaging because they are simpler and offer great value for money. These qualities make them ideal for the Ghanaian environment.

As we established earlier, it takes a huge amount of time to compile and send very complicated data reports on construction sites. Field supervisory personnel on construction sites spend between 30-50% of their time recording and analyzing field data. As a result, about 2% of the work on construction sites is devoted to just manual tracking and recording of data. On the other hand, just a 15-minute drone flight produces as much data as half a day’s walk through the construction site.

 With a drone, you can map specific areas with GPS, process measurements and get visual data all in just a few minutes. Drone services also make it possible to get highly detailed pictures and videos of your construction site from any angle as well as a great aerial view. The software used to hold all that data together is safe and easy to use. All your site data is simplified and easy to review, meaning that you will spend less time reviewing the data and can send instructions back as quickly as possible. Finally, as a third party providing you with this data, Ghana Property Tours will make sure that the report shows your building’s progress accurately.

360º virtual tours provide you, the project investor, with an immersive and fun way to inspect your building’s progress. With the use of your phone, tablet or laptop, you can virtually walk through your construction site. The site data can also be inserted into the virtual tour as notes you will find as you navigate through your building. Pictures are taken both inside and outside your building with a special camera, enhanced and put together in a seamless experience called a 360º virtual tour.

 It is highly detailed and could include audio in the background, giving you information on where you are in the virtual tour or reciting important site data to you. As with drone services, this method of construction progress tracking is safe, secure, accurate, well put together and easy to use. Finally, in using these very reliable methods of construction progress tracking and reporting, Ghana Property Tours will provide you with the accountability, transparency, speed and honesty you need when undertaking a construction project in Ghana.


You work too hard to have your hard-earned money flushed down the drain because of someone’s dishonesty or carelessness. Step into the future now and get your money’s worth by allowing Ghana Property Tours to use this simple, yet cutting edge technology to track your projects for you and provide you with accurate, clear and simple data.

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